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OUR FATHER, this could say My father but it doesn’t.  Jesus says Our because it applies to you and  me and all mankind. Prayer is
an expression of love and love is not  selfish!   We often forget this when we pray because we are focusing on what we desire only
for ourselves from God.  But, it takes a more loving heart to say Our instead of My and after all we are addressing this to God.  Our
is a more humble word, so The Lord’s Prayer begins with humility!
WHO ART IN HEAVEN, is an expression of faith in the existence of God in His sacred, spiritual, none visible realm of Heaven
because we know that God is a spirit and not flesh and blood. To communicate with anyone you have to know them or it’s
impossible to be understood.  God only communicates with those whose faith allows them to know him through Jesus Christ,  so
this indicates your faith in God’s existence in His spiritual Heaven. A bond of mutual confidence can be established between you
and God through the first sentence.  Jesus does this so simply because His intelligence is beyond genius!
HALLOWED BE THY NAME, acknowledges your awareness that God’s name is the most sacred name that exists. His name is holy,
sacred and exalted above all  names because there is no sin attached to Him.
THY KINGDOM COME, you have paid your Father proper respect in the introduction and now  your prayer requests begin.  You are
asking God to make His kingdom, complete with Angels and spirits, manifest where you are, on earth.  You wouldn’t be asking God
for this if you didn’t want it right now, today.  We want our prayers answered in  all haste, immediately if possible.
THY WILL BE DONE, this is your second desire and it is that God would continue to exercise His Will on earth as He does in Heaven
so that your requests can be made manifest on Earth right now, today.
ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN, nothing hinders the execution of God’s Will in Heaven because all heavenly beings perfectly obey
God because there is no sin in Heaven.  So, God’s commands are obediently fulfilled by the Angels unlike man’s reluctance and
disobedience on Earth.
GIVE US THIS DAY OUR DAILY BREAD, first things are requested first.  Man is flesh and blood and requires food to function and
thrive every day.  This is recognizing God is the provider of our nourishment and this provision is an element of His Will.  The
Word of God is also considered to be the bread of life.  If we are operating within God’s will He will lead us to receive some Word
or bread every day.   It’s all a provision of love, spiritual bread or cooked bread, He provides them both.
AND FORGIVE US OUR DEBTS AS WE FORGIVE OUR DEBTORS, during the course of a day we all do or say something wrong to
somebody or something because we’re human.  In all likelihood, someone in turn, is going to do something offensive or that we
don’t like to us during the course of the day.  We want the benefits of God’s Will given to us because that’s the purpose in us
humbly praying or making our requests through prayer to God.  So we pledge to forgive anyone and everyone who offends us in
any way and we request that God be equally forgiving of us, in the exact same way that we forgive and are willing to forgive others
AND LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION, if we don’t forgive others for their sins against us because our anger is aroused, we might
seek revenge for their sins against us.  Taking revenge is a sin and puts us outside of God’s Will on this day.   The Christian
desires to be obedient and willingly forgives others for their trespasses against us so that we remain obediently within God’s Will
today. This way we are not lead into the temptation of being disobedient which leads to getting outside of God’s Will by being lead
by anger to take revenge for the sins against us today. We are praying to stay obedient to God today to make proper use of our
daily bread that God provides for us today!
AND DELIVER US FROM EVIL, our nature is to seek revenge for misdeeds against us or our loved ones.  This is our natural human
nature and it’s evil, it leads to unconsciously sinning by seeking revenge!  Every day we need to be delivered from our natural
instinct to sin by seeking revenge.   We pray for divine intervention to suppress this evil that lives in us.  So we are asking for
deliverance from our natural sinful nature today.    
FOR THINE IS THE KINGDOM, the kingdom of Heaven is God’s domain and not Satan’s.  So this gives God power over the Angels
and every creature in Heaven.  Everything belongs to God so He can freely exercise His Will and answer our prayers.  We are
giving Him credit for being  all powerful.
AND THE POWER, God is Love. Love is the fuel that propels God’s Will.  Love is the almighty power that we call God.  All the things
that our hearts desire can come from Love.
AND THE GLORY, if you are given anything, a thank you is appropriate in return if you have love in your heart.  We must return love
for love if we want more love!  God grants your desires or prayers through love.  You return that love to Him by giving Him credit
for what you receive instead of giving yourself the credit for your blessings.  You have no power if you have no love because all
love comes from God. Remember, God is love.  It’s only right to give God the credit for answering your prayers today and that’s
giving Him the glory.  This is a small price to pay for what most of us desire, like to be healthy, wealthy and wise.  All we really need
is our daily bread, God’s forgiveness for our sins and deliverance from our evil today and we are fulfilled.
FOREVER, God is eternal having no birth and no death.  We too can have eternal  life through his son Jesus Christ.   We are
committing and acknowledging that we will always give Him the glory for giving us our lives and everything in them, not just for
today but for the rest of this life and in our eternal life to come.
AMEN, So be it, truly.
An interpretation by  A Friend of Jesus Christ.  
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Matthew 6:9. The Lord's Prayer!  
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